Si eres emprendedor y te interesa una estancia en Portugal, te interesan estas ofertas.

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Main Business sector
Company short description
Crafts, art materials and accessories
Cinco Atelier, is a workspace where projects are developed in areas such as Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Crafts and Fashion.

The HE is looking for a criative person, dynamic, proactive, responsible and willing to experiment, to learn and share. Fashion Designer, Web Designer, Product Designer, Marketing, App Developer.
Social economy/responsible entrepreneurship/CSR
Coolabora – Consultoria e Intervenção Social, is a cooperative of consulting and social intervention established in 2008. Its mission is to contribute to the development of individuals, organizations and the region through innovative strategies to promote equal opportunities, civic participation, education and training and social inclusion.

Intervention areas: Social Economy, Domestic violence and gender equality, volunteering and social inclusion.

She is looking for a NE with basic social intervention competences; Concepts of sustainable development. Social/Youth entrepreneuship; CRS - Corporate social responsibility.
Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services
JFV Serviços Empresariais, is a company specialized in administrative and financial outsourcing services, namely in the areas of accounting, management (including software applications), taxation, human resources and investment support. The main aim is to promote the sustainable development of companies through the provision of administrative and financial services, tailored to each client, respecting their needs and budget.

He is interested in a NE fluent in English; Basic understanding in Portuguese; Experience and Knowledge in International Relations; Knowledge of Accountant systems.

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